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About Us

Exclusive Wines Direct is an Australian owned and managed company with a solid base of French culture, as our founders were born and raised in the middle of vineyards in the French wine regions of the Loire Valley and Alsace. Coming from busy executive careers in the international agriculture trade, their expertise and passion in fine wines from all over the world is truly unique.

Frustrated by the poor choice of imported wines in Australia - often low quality wines produced in large scale with no character; and sold with high mark-ups due to supply chain intermediaries – we needed to find an alternative.

From the French vineyard to the glass of the Australian wine lover, the journey is long, expensive and veryindirect. Often the wine is transported in regular containers, reaching scorching internal temperatures on deck sailing through the Suez Canal, around the Indian subcontinent, and through SE Asia down to Australia. Often the pallets wait days, even weeks, on a quay under the sun during trans-shipments in Asia. When the wine finally gets to Australia after an average 7 week journey, you can be sure it is dead and has lost all its character. We are often disappointed by a high priced bottle of French wine bought locally, having spent weeks upright on the display shelf of a liquor store, without the necessary natural cork immersion in the wine to ensure proper closure and conservation.

Are you tired of buying high priced, poorly transported, and improperly stored imported wines? Well, we are, so Exclusive Wines Direct was born!