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New to French Wine ?

New to French Wine:

We do not intend to lecture you here, but a few basic things are good to know.

In short many good French wines are inexpensive, I mean in France, and your favourite wine is out there and we will make it available here in Australia.


French and European Wine Categories

According to EU regulations wine is divided in 2 main categories:


1 : Table wines (TW):

In France under that category you find 2 sub categories:

  • Vin de Table ( the lowest quality, from no specific origin, so often from mixed origin, usually sold under a brand)

  • Vins de Pays (VDP). Vins de Pays is one step higher in quality, and includes some nice little wines that you can come across travelling in the countryside in France, but the one you will find on export markets are actually just branded cheap plonk.

You can find plenty of those French Table wines sold in Australia under fancy brand names with shiny labels. It is a big business, to the extent that some are even receiving ratings from famous wine experts...


2 : Quality Wines Produced in Specific Regions(QWpsr)

In France under that category you find:

  • Appellation d’Origine contrôlée (AOC wines). The highest quality, highly regulated and controlled and bears certification of the French authorities.

  • Vin delimité de qualité superieure (AO-VDQS wines) for wines not yet to the level of AOC but coming from an identified regional area and showing good potential.

If you do not see those 2 mentions on the label it is not a good sign, and the bottle you picked is probably a pure export brand.

Now that you know, open your eyes, read the label and trust your taste. As a rule of thumb, if you buy a French bottle of wine in Australia around the 10 to 15 AUD mark, there is a good chance it is just Vin de Table.

All the French wines sold by Exclusive Wines Direct are AOC wines, or at least VDQS if they are worth it. No point of bringing bottles across the world, not to mention the carbon footprint of the exercise, to sell low quality plonk in Australia.


Le Terroir

That is your key to understanding the world of French Wines. Unique in each AOC area, the Terroir is the combination of the land ( soils, geography, landscape, rivers), the climate ( sun, rain, temperatures seasons), the work of men ( history, migartions, practice, regulations ...).


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