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The Exclusive Wine Club

Get your surprise 6 Bottle Discovery every month.

You can join the Exclusive Wine Club© for a fixed price. Each month you will receive a 6 Bottle Discovery pack that we have specially selected for you from new arrivals in our catalogue. The Discovery pack gets you out of your ‘comfort zone’ surprising you and your friends with new flavours. We invite you to send us feedback which we will use to fine-tune future deliveries to compliment your taste.

You have different subscription choices:

A one-off trial: AUD$150 for 1 delivery of 6 bottles (AUD$25 per bottle)

3 months: AUD$396 for 3 deliveries of 6 bottles (AUD$22 per bottle)

6 months: AUD$684 for 6 deliveries of 6 bottles (AUD$19 per bottle)

All subscriptions are complimented by a detailed description of the wine and winery/region. Deliveries will usually take place during the 1st week of the month. Delivery to a business address is preferred to avoid unsuccessful delivery attempts.

Contact us for more details.