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Why we are different

We bring you Exclusive products direct to you from the producer.
We deliver our products Australia-wide.
We ship our products from overseas with Reefer (refrigerated) containers.
We store our products in dedicated, dry and clean rooms at monitored temperatures.
We ship and store our wine bottles horizontally, which is essential for natural cork wine closure to ensure wine conservation.
All our wines are ready to drink immediately. The sea travel contributes to speeding up the maturation process and reduces the need of cellaring of some wines.

We have partnered with some of the best wineries in France and other countries for import to Australia and sell great wines direct to the customers at a reasonable cost.

Are you tired of buying low quality imported vin de table at high price?
Are you tired of the simplistic varietal alternative (shiraz or sav blonc?)
Are you tired of buying spoiled bottles of pricy premium wine that has spent 2 months in transit in scorching heat, in a container on the deck of a vessel, then left for a few months standing up on the shelf of a bottle shop?

We are.

So what we do is:

  • Buy our Exclusive wines direct from our preferred wineries in each region.

  • Transport the wine in Reefers: temperature controlled containers.

  • Transport and store all bottles horizontally ( to make sure the natural cork is moist and does its job of closure and slow maturation of the wine, as we have done for centuries in Europe)

  • Store the wine in a dry and temperature-controlled location.

  • Choose our wines which are of exceptional quality; carefully transported and stored and priced to offer great value.

  • Our wines are more than only a great drink; they carry a history, a culture, a way of life, a way of enjoying a good life! We are wine lovers and we want to share this with other wine lovers.

  • Wine is about sharing with friends, connecting with a country, a region, a culture, a history.