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Alsace Gewurztraminer AOC Selection De Grains Nobles

Alsace Gewurztraminer AOC Selection De Grains Nobles


The Kaefferkopf terroir was mentioned for the first time in the register of the Abbey Pairis of Ammerschwihr in 1338. It was cited numerous times in literature of the 19th and 20th centuries. The soil is mainly composed of granite (Kaysersberg migmatite granite, granite micas of Turckheim 2) flush the foothills partially hidden by Quaternary formations of various origins. The Kaefferkopf benefits from the microclimate Ammerschwihr, resulting from a foehn effect keeping high pressure in a state of depression, and particularly during the spring and fall. The Kaefferkopf terroir produces Wines that are racy well structured, balanced and elegant, with delicate aromas with a beautiful acidity.

This wine is ideal as an aperitif, but will go great with foie gras, pastries, but also with strong cheeses such as blue cheese, and Munster cheese. It will also make a perfect companion for spicy cuisine such as chicken tagine with lemon and green olives.

Domaine Jean-Baptiste Adam, one of the best producer of Alsace wines, stands out as a true landmark in the long history of Alsace winemaking. Each bottle of Jean Baptiste Adam reflects 400 years of expertise and 14 generation of improvements: The Romans planted vines for the first time in the region. During the middle Ages, Alsace wines were already very famous and were widely exported towards northern Europe on the Rhine River. Wines have been produced since 1614 on the current Domaine Jean-Baptiste Adam.

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