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Côt de Touraine AOC Domaine de Montigny

Côt de Touraine AOC Domaine de Montigny


The Côt de Touraine is a red wine produced from the Côt  grape variety ( also known as malbec). It is quite special to get some here in Australia, as it is a very small production, traditionnaly kept and enjoyed in the lovely Touraine region. This wine will bring many memories to French expatriates. Easy drinking wine with a bit of soft tannins.

Domaine de MONTIGNY covers 30 hectares of vineyards under the
TOURAINE Registered Designation of Origin banner, close to the famous
chateaux of the Loire Valley (Chambord, Cheverny, Amboise, Chenonceau).
In this undulating and lush region, the Sauvignon grape produces major
white wines of distinction and fragrance. The Gamay, Côt and Cabernet
grapes produce typical red wines with a red berry bouquet and elegant,
fruity rosé wines.
Member of the Vignerons Indépendants de France and of Terra Vitis,
 wines are crafted in the greatest tradition of respect for the region and
we nurture each grape variety’s natural properties in order to produce
character wines. The domain is certified TERRA VITIS and AGRICULTURE RAISONNEE [sustainable farming].

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