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Dôle AOC Valais, Primus Classicus, Caves Orsat

Dôle AOC Valais, Primus Classicus, Caves Orsat

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Caves Orsat have been a part of the wine producing region of Valais in Martigny in Switzerland since 1874, the year in which Alphonse Orsat founded the estate in Martigny. Hard working growers who devote all their energy and love of the land in order to cultivate their vineyards on the mountainside, contribute enormously to the production of wines in Valais. Generations of vine growers have entrusted their harvest to Caves Orsat over the years and today almost 1200 private wine growers, cultivating a total of 322 hectares, consign their harvest to Caves Orsat. Rigorous monitoring and constant support is present throughout the wine making process including advice, checking of work carried out, a strict control of the grape harvest and transportation of the grapes from the vineyards to our presses. We insist on first class grape quality in order to ensure the exceptional quality of our wines.

The « Primus Classicus »  is the prestige range from Caves Orsat cellars. Striking a balance between soils, climate, grapevine and cultivation techniques are of utmost importance in the development of prestigious wines. The wine making process is a skilful mixture of finest tradition and state of the art technology. Each vintage is subjected to several comparative tastings to ensure that the quality remains representative of the grape variety. Wine makers and wine growers work together throughout the year in order to produce authentic wines of exceptional quality.

The first bottles of Dôle, this exclusively Valaisan red blend, were presented in Bern at the Agricultural fair in 1857. Tasting Neots: Pinot Noir and Gamay are harmoniously blended together to create Dôle. Of a raspberry red colour, it reveals fragrances of small red fruits typical of Gamay and combined with the structure and finesse of Pinot Noir provides balance to this wine of refreshing acidity. Food-wine pairing: Goes well with roast veal, stuffed veal breast, Wiener schnitzel, bourguignon fondue, roast chicken, mustard rabbit, duck fillet, beef fillet and cheeseboards.Varietal: Pinot Noir, Gamay and Diolinoir. Soil: Light, gravelly, schistous and moderately chalky. Serving temperature: around 12°C.

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